Can You Say, “Prosciutto?”

The hallway posters called the trip overseas, “A Taste of Italy.”  To me the phrase indicated that those going would have the opportunity to eat their way through the small country; a humble region that has earned laudable recognition when compared to other countries offering the US international cuisine.  Americans generally don’t say, “Let’s go to a nice British restaurant for dinner.”   We’re more inclined to visit a Mexican, Chinese, or Italian place instead.  So naturally our entire group boarded the plane with intentions to indulge some of the world’s finest fare, bite into crusty artisan bread and leave no crescent untouched.  Italy’s like Disney to a bunch of foodies like nutrition majors and our expectations were far from exceeded.

If I told you that each meal in Italy had a minimum of three courses and a maximum of seven (7 2/3 if you count the after-dinner espresso and the limoncello shots) would you believe me?

Would you believe that dessert was not optional and every meal was like an episode of Man Vs. Food?  What if I showed you?

Will you notice that their custards are nearly butter, their pizzas are pretty much perfect, and it’s easy to develop a slight obsession for all things hazelnut overseas?

Did you know that Italy’s cream pastas smell like pie crust, their cheese-crusted eggplant tastes like candy, and their gelato’s as good as they say?  It is.

Can you trust that it is possible to be offered too much veal, sample too much cheese, taste too much wine, and beg to pass on that forth slice of fresh prosciutto?  There was just so much.

Strive to eat “everything in moderation” mindfully; even when on vacation.  If you make “The Bandwagon” your lifestyle, you’ll never fall off.

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6 Responses to Can You Say, “Prosciutto?”

  1. Aunt Jan says:

    Hi Molly! I am enjoying reading about your adventures in Italy. Love, Aunt Jan

    • Molly says:

      Thank you Aunt Jan! Thank you for commenting. (you are now approved for all future comments.) I hope that you got my letter. 🙂

      • Aunt Jan says:

        Hi Molly! Yes, I forgot to tell you that I was thrilled to get your note and cute picture in the Tower! Mom showed me more of your pictures, too. Write more tales of your adventures – fun to read and wish I was there!!! Aunt Jan XO

      • Molly says:

        I plan on posting tomorrow. Dad has my journal, It’s an easy read and would probably take you less than an hour to go through. If you want you can certainly borrow it. Not as “finely tuned” as LifesLemons but it’s still good.

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