What’s in Your Carry-On?

We’ve all been there, packing; (what we hope is) thoroughly for vacation.  We roll up our outfits, we secure our breakables in the cups of padded bras, and we double Ziploc our shampoos to stow them diligently into our checked baggage.  (No TSA of mine’s gonna toss the John Frieda I bought special for this trip.)  Then we begin to select our carry-on necessities.  These travel items are worthy enough to take up valuable “carry-on” space and could theoretically “last us” if, God forbid, our checked luggage got lost.  If stranded, the contents of our carry-on would enable us to survive on Deserted-Airport-Island.

In most cases one chooses to pack important things like cash, a toothbrush, and possibly a clean pair of unders.  Not this girl.  When I left for Italy, I almost went with no purse or carry-on because anything that I absolutely needed could fit into my pockets (debit card, individual teas, etc.) or tied together and slung over my shoulder (tennis shoes.)  Then I thought I’d look pretty silly carrying nothing but my running shoes through the airport and asking baristas for hot water.  They’d whisper, “Who is this girl and does she really have no luggage?”  I didn’t used to be but I’m a pretty light packer.   Turns out, there is no award for packing lightly and the “extras” that I ended up bringing (umbrella) came in real handy.  This summer it’s easy to over-pack for vacation, just don’t be like this little runner girl and almost under-pack.

Let’s discuss.  What necessities do you bring when traveling?  What can you not live on Deserted-Airport-Island without?  Are they safety pins, a Swiss army knife, some fancy schmancy body butter that you can’t risk trying to find somewhere else?

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7 Responses to What’s in Your Carry-On?

  1. Mama says:

    Why am I not suprised you worried about running shoes?

  2. Aunt mae says:

    Keep your stories coming I really enjoy them. Love Aunt Mae

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