Once a Year for a Week; Day #1

On more than one occasion I’ve been confronted by people who attend the gym or pass me while running, “That’s some workout.  What are you training for?”  I’d like to sarcastically answer, “Life.  I’m training for life.”  Then we’d both probably get a good chuckle and I could make a quick getaway before they asked what my actual motive was and discover the truth.

The truth is… I’m a crazy person.  So when people ask what I’m training for I normally brace myself for the awkward silence that occurs after my response because the answer isn’t quite what they’d expected, “Nothing.”  A look of sheer terror sweeps across their face because maybe they expect me to say that I’m working towards some elite triathlon and assure them that I’m not killing myself for the fun of it, like a crazy person. On a normal day I don’t have a reason for wanting to be “better, faster, and stronger,” I just do.

Yet, once a year for a week, if anyone asks what I’m training for I reply, “Steamboat.  You know that 15k in Peoria?  It’s next weekend.  I’m training for that.”  They acknowledge the race, wish me well, and we go our separate ways.  Once a year for a week, if they ask, I can convince them that I’m not just a crazy person but one who’s working towards a goal.

Join me this week as I prepare…

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13 Responses to Once a Year for a Week; Day #1

  1. Kelsey T. says:

    woo hoo!!!!! steamboat!!! cute blog girl!!! cant waittttt!!! we have to find eachother in the madness of ppl down there!!! =)

  2. Whitney says:

    Mom & I will be there toooO!!! but way behind you!!!

  3. Aunt Jan says:

    Good luck, Molly! You are amazing. I like that “training for life” answer!! Love, Aunt Jan

  4. StampinFool says:

    Hey, I ate my beets on Monday…….what about you?

    • Molly says:

      I should stop and get some today.

      “Our bodies convert nitrates into nitric oxide, a gas that causes blood vessels to relax and widen, by a process known as vasodilation. This allows more oxygen-rich blood to flow through the body—and the more oxygen reaches the muscles, the longer they’re able to perform at high intensity.”

      “In 2009, a small study done at England’s Exeter University caught the attention of the fitness world. Researchers discovered that competitive cyclists who drank half a liter (about 16 ounces) of beet juice right before they got on their bikes were able to ride 16 percent longer—a massive gain in a sport where only a few percentage points of improvement can be the difference between first place and fifteenth.

      Last June, a larger Exeter study backed up this rather unusual protocol: cyclists who drank half a liter of beet juice for six days were 11 seconds faster over a 2.5-mile course and 45 seconds faster over a 10-mile course. The reason: more oxygen was getting to the athletes’ muscles, thanks to molecules in the juice called nitrates.”

      Source: http://www.outsideonline.com/fitness/nutrition/Never-Miss-a-Beet.html

      • Aunt Jan says:

        Interesting. What do you think about kale, Molly? Do you like it?A J

      • Molly says:

        I love kale! It and spinach are the two most healthy leafy greens. I once filled a cookie sheet with kale before, sprayed with olive oil, sprinkled with tiny bit of sea salt, baked for 10 min at 350, (or so.) It makes kale chips and they are really crispy and fun to eat. But the leaves shrink down very small, so you could pretty much eat the whole batch with a fork yourself. If you go easy on the olive oil and salt; you can easily eat the whole sheet in under 150 calories! (They’re best straight from the oven anyway.) Enjoy!

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  6. Aunt Jan says:

    Ok i will try the chips – good for my Weight Watcher goals. AJ

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