Five Pre-Run Preparations; Day #5

I own a copy of Runner’s World Complete Guide to Running.  (I got it at a garage sale for a quarter.)  To be honest, if I read it on a decent day, I feel silly because I wonder how many miles I could have got in during the time that it took me to read one chapter.  If it’s cloudy, dreary, drizzling where you live or if you just got back from a long and sweaty run you have my permission to read my following five tips about prepping before a run.

1.)   Double knot your shoes with the bows to the outside.  Stopping to tie your shoe is a poor excuse to break your momentum and kill your concentration.

2.)  This week my forth and newest iPod took a turn for the worst.  Bag your electrical gadgets.  It’s an inexpensive way to protect your investment before stuffing it in sweaty places. Even so, I’ll be buying  iPod insurance at the Best Buy check-out next time.

3.)  If it’s a long run bring toilet paper.  You won’t regret it and when you stop to use it, squat on a road that you can see off in the distance and for God’s sake turn off your iPod so you can hear things that you can’t see.

4.)  You won’t regret wearing sun screen either.  At least on your face, I almost always do.  (Sun Runnin’ click here.)

5.) Wear tried and true clothing.  Nothing can more quickly ruin a run than constantly pulling ill-fitted shorts, that keep inching their way up, down.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed while running especially when you start to get tired.  Remember that your mental state while running can be controlled by your breathing.  Focus on taking long, slow and deep breaths to make the strides forward easier.  

Kelsey, Whitney, Aunt Lisa, Jennifer, and Anthony I’ll see you tomorrow across the finish line!

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8 Responses to Five Pre-Run Preparations; Day #5

  1. I like #3! There have been runs where I wished I would have brought a tissue or some TP!

  2. Mama says:

    Redbull and coffee… but my need for energy is in a different league than yours.

  3. Aunt Jan says:

    Good luck, Molly!

  4. Aunt Jan says:

    Woohoo Molly!

  5. ddo says:

    applied common sense …learning from mistakes…following the examples set by old dogs….a burn…passion…desire…training….self starting push….ATTITUDE are all things that make a champion…you are all that! Congrats on the best Steamboat ever… love ya……………………………………………………………….your biggest fan………………

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