URGENT Update! (To Whom it May Concern)

Today I canned for the very first time.  To the people that I’ve encountered in the past week, this is old news.  I’ve brought it up in nearly every conversation, “How’s school goin’ Moll?” “Good.  Hey, did you know that I’m going to can on Monday?  Dad’s pears…it’s gonna be a good time.”  [Insert cricket noise here.]

So I’m just following-up.  You know, in case anyone that I’ve encountered in the past week is concerned about the outcome or wondering how it all went.  I’d hate for anyone to lose sleep over it.  (I’m also very proud of myself.)

Thank you to those who contributed to my efforts.  Dad; who helped me pick the pears and let me take them.  Grams; who gave me a steel trivet and an extra jar of nutmeg that she just happened to have lying around.  Aunt Sue; who lent me the jars, lids, and rims… gave me a funnel, and some advice. 

Today my project went splendidly.  When I heard my first lid pop I squealed with delight.  The picture to the right only shows four of my six finished beauties, because two of the jars were being rebellious and wouldn’t seal.  Not to worry though…I boiled those buggers longer and they complied.

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3 Responses to URGENT Update! (To Whom it May Concern)

  1. Suzy Hoffman says:

    They look great and this winter will be delious!

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  2. tyler says:

    so how long do you have to be friends with a gal to get some good ol’ fashion pearsauce?

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