Cheap Therapy Part II; Becoming Consumed

As I sit in the corner of Starbucks, rattling away on my keyboard, tapping my feet with startling vigor and making myself laugh out loud every so often, I have no awareness of time or space.  I didn’t notice when my headphones stopped playing music and probably won’t look up if a nuclear bomb goes off.  That is, until I finish this paragraph.

Writing, acting in plays, swimming, running, researching fiber (kidding, maybe,) and shopping in second-hand stores (where no two items are exactly alike) are all activities that completely consume me.  Weston knows of a time that I was once completely consumed at the supermarket.   I like to… you know… compare unit-price per ounce, examine meat’s marbling and stuff.  I couldn’t help but notice the subtle look of horror as I slowly came walking back to him from the breakfast meats.  He stood innocently by our shopping cart and claimed that according to his cell phone, it took me four minutes and twenty-two seconds to settle on a single pack of pork.    He explained how other bacon buyers had come and gone in the time that it took me to feel satisfied with my selection.  “That’s so weird,” I retorted, “to me it felt like no time at all.”

Haven’t you ever wondered how this happens?

How can you not get excited when you feel like you’ve been abducted by aliens as you peel the goggles off your head and the wall clock claims that a half an hour has passed?  Why do we experience “time-fly” and become trance-like while we are doing the things that we enjoy most?  How could something as small as, being in a high school play provide a person with such ecstasy?  I read up on the matter and what I found is astonishing. The explanation in full detail is easily fodder for another post, so today the answer that I’m going with is simple:

It may be that your brain is super stimulated and is processing a lot at once.  You aren’t able to focus on the time at all.  It is up to you to find meaningful moments within your day and become completely consumed by them.  They will fill your life with purpose.  Our daily journey towards a higher consciousness is tinged with these muses to experience instant vitality.  Doing the things that you enjoy will sustain you and you’ll progressively develop towards your personal version of self-fulfillment.  It takes extra time to seek out the lonely fruits who were separated from their banana brothers, stop by the potato bin to say hi to my little Quasimoto buddies or give every peach, pear, and plum a squeeze; but I feel sorry for people who don’t let themselves go and experience the therapeutic effects of being deep in thought.  If completing certain tasks meticulously makes me feel thorough and accomplished, by all means why not?  It’s a gift.  It’s like therapy, cheap therapy, as long as your not a gambler.

Writing, running and reading energizes me.  It heightens my perception and sense of self-worth.  What consumes you?  Gardening, watching a movie, rocking a baby?

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4 Responses to Cheap Therapy Part II; Becoming Consumed

  1. Aunt mae says:

    You sound like me in the grocery store, I want to get the best for my money, Hugs, Aunt .Mae

  2. Darin says:

    I’m becoming more and more intrigued lately at how we process the concept of time. I have similar experiences when I practice.. I can play the same sequence of notes over and over and over and never notice that hours have gone by…

  3. Mama says:

    Gambling… It is funny you say that because clocks are not allowed in casinos. So many people ask me the time and are then shocked when I tell them it is hours later than they thought.

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