Monday Funday

Monday is like no other day for me. Why?  Because I can do the things that I please whenever I please to do them.  On Mondays if I wanted to dress uplikeasultan

inmyonionheadhat, I could.

Monday is the only day of the week that no one is counting on me to do something or be somewhere.   It is a sacred day.  pretend that I have no cares in the world.  It rules.  I’m not in a classroom or on a time clock. Monday has no obligations, commitments, or scheduled events. There is no dreading Mondays because there are no deadlines on Monday.

On Monday nothing needs to be done, but that does not mean nothing is done. Sleeping in is done.  Running is done. Leisurely homework doing is done. Laundry is done. Decorating for autumn is done.  Buying cool shorts is done.  Wearing the cool shorts is done.  Running is done again.  Writing on and feeling good about LifesLemons is done.  Sanity is gained.  Mondays are a holy day indeed.

Hope your Monday was as good as mine. Thanks for stopping by.

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3 Responses to Monday Funday

  1. Suzy Hoffman says:

    Molly, I never seem to find a day like that.

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Suzy Hoffman says:

    Sent from my iPad

    Begin forwarded message:

    > From: > Date: December 3, 2012 10:23:26 AM CST > To: “Connie Paradice” , “Debbie KelseyHarris” , “Judy Snow” , “Millie Kiefer” , “LuAnn Stoskopf” , “Lynne/Greg Steen” , “Mary Utley” , “Sally Ambrose” , “Claudette Schrepher” , “Sharon Barlow” , “Amy abeharelle” , “Adrianne Bullock” , “Anita Ziegler” , “Barb Marchand” , “Beth Knight” , “Vivian Dudley” , “Bobbie Whittington” , “Becky Webster” , “Denise/Bob Renner” , “Dennis K” , “Diane Higgins” , “Bette Lemon” , “Beth&Eric Bonk” , “Ellen Grafelman” , “Linda&Jerry” , “Regina Reed” , “Deb Hatcher” , “Heather Jenkins” , “Carol Faklaris” , “Jessica Booth” , “Joan Frickleton” , “Marjie Welsch” , “Jeannie Heiser” , “Kay Dye” , “Judy Lange” , “Suzy Hoffman” , “Sus LottGadziola” , “Lori Marchand” , “Marci Grimm” , “Mary Eisele” , “Melissa Warfield” , “Nancy Underhill” , “Patsy Sherman” , “Patty Scott” , “Pat Meeks” , “PresleyRuth&Joe Presley” , “Becky Oltman” , “Roz Swain” , “Sandy Fred rick” , “Carol Spiekerman” , “Sandy Warfield” , “Sheri Dudley” , “Sveta Krasnova” , “Vicky Botsford” , “Deb Fulk” , “Jan & Jeff Borders” > Subject: Fwd: Fw: 1 coffee cup cake > Reply-To: >

    > I haven’t tried this yet…..but will be fun to make with grandkids or just something hot with coffee sometimes…. > > > >

  3. Suzy Hoffman says:

    Sent from my iPad

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    > From: “Robert Weakley” > Date: December 31, 2012 4:14:06 PM CST > To: “aline Paris” , “Jill McCaughey” , “Gerii sHURTS” , “Marci McCann” , “Norbert Bertram” , “Pat Minster” , “RATTO MEISNER” , “Suzy Hoffman” , “Toni” > Subject: Fw: Greatest wonders of the world! >

    > >

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