The Macs of Your Cheese

My pantry is chock-full of ingredients.  Bulgar.  Quinoa.  Couscous.  (I have a thing for whole grains.)  Every time I open the door a sack of wheat berries, an impulse buy, stares at me blankly from the second shelf as if to say,  “You were so pumped to try us, what happened?” 

Life happens.  You understand.  My culinary creativity wanes when life gets busy.  I do what I can.  

More often than not those grains will appear in what I lovingly refer to as, “Mac N’ Cheese.”  The first time I threw some shredded cheddar into a bowl of hot rice, I served it to a captive market.  In other words I ran it, in Tupperware, up to Weston at work so he was obligated to eat it or go hungry.  He ended up loving it.  He called me a genius. I have been cheesing my macs ever since.  Rice, polenta, and even oatmeal. Works every time.  The next time you’re in a pinch, when you need a delicious convenience food, forgo the frozen bricks of Cordon Bleu and box of enriched elbows in powdered “cheese.” Remember that it’s this easy to make the macs of your cheese something special, something with staying power, something with nutrition.

Pictured above is lunch today; brown rice, quinoa, chickpeas, and bulgur in a web of shredded cheddar.

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6 Responses to The Macs of Your Cheese

  1. Aunt mae says:

    Sounds good to me! Thanks lov

  2. Mama says:

    You are such a talented little girl. You must get it from your mama…

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