What I Wrote Wednesday

“What I Ate Wednesdays” (or “WIAW” as they’re earnestly referred to in the blogging community) are quite popular amongst my fellow “healthy living” bloggers.  The devotees post pictures of their food intake on their little corner of the internet for all of the world to see.  It’s almost as if one Wednesday a blogger couldn’t think of anything better or decent to write about, slapped up some food pics, and WIAW was born.  Other bloggers caught on to this charade and adopted the weekly affair.  At one point in their blogging career, all that partake in this activity have deemed it useful, catchy, or at least a good excuse for a nearly wordless Wednesday.

There are scads of bloggers who celebrate the fact that they’ve eaten on Wednesdays and post pictures to prove it!  Clearly though, I do not.  Post my meals that is.  I doubt very much that Lemons readers care to see what I eat in a day…especially on  a Wednesday.
They aren’t always super healthy, complicated, and well-rounded like the ones that I often see on many blogs.  They don’t have several funky and novel ingredients.  If I started posting sub-par pictures of my two-ingredient lunches (mushrooms with melted pepperjack) and on-the-go breakfasts (leftover chocolate birthday cake, in case you’re wondering) you’d be bored to tears.  My six views on a typical Wednesday afternoon would dwindle to just  two and I’d fall asleep while just typing the darn thing.  Besides, I prefer to think that my readers stop by to read something with a little more of a storyline.

I want people to visit Lemons so they can see what I wrote on Wednesday, not what I ate.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m a sucker for bloggers that publish this sort of “thought provoking” entertainment on Wednesdays.  The bloggers that I read, who participate in What I Ate Wednesdays do so for fun.  Without them, I would never have thought to put eggnog in my oatmeal or sprinkle nutritional yeast on my popcorn.  Although you’ll never log on to see my dietary intake on Wednesdays, I’ll continue to appreciate WIAW bloggers who share great ideas and recipes.  I’ll continue to admire the ones who eat real meals and who enjoy each and every indulgence with reckless abandon.

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