You Can’t Vacuum Fuzzies at a Coffee Shop

There are several things that you can do at a coffee shop.  For example, you can order coffee.  You can order scones.  You can order chai tea.  You can pine for their beautiful shiny travel mugs.  You can use their restroom, collect your drink, and add cream to it.   You brush the crumbs off of a small vacant table and log on to your laptop… to do homework.

You begin doing your homework.  Write a lab report.  Take an online quiz.

You can stare at the ceiling.

how-to-make-coffeeYou can use the restroom again and order more coffee.  You can listen to people speak in a language that you do not know.  You can imagine how long it would take you to learn that language as you walk back to your seat.  You can perfect your personal statement. You can think it’s weird that raisins are considered a “good” source of iron and research why they are.  You can look up how to cook with persimmons.   You can watch a lady park her fancy car for three minutes, then chuckle to yourself because you notice that her tires are still on the divider line.

Place both hands around your warm mug.  Sip your coffee.  Shift in your seat.

You can stare at the aforementioned fancy car lady from across the room and envy her perfectly matched outfit.  You can spot a secret artist then pretend to use the restroom again in order to look over his shoulder and see if who he’s secretly drawing looks real.  You can tell Facebook about the secret artist and you can want to create a makeshift table tent that says, “Draw me next. :)”   But don’t do that.  satarInstead, you should do more homework.

So you log on to Lemons and begin to write.

Clearly, it is much easier to do homework in coffee shops because there are less distracting things to do there.  At least you can’t busy yourself with house chores.  You can’t do your laundry at a coffee shop.  You can’t do your dishes and you certainly can’t vacuum unsightly white fuzzies off of dark green carpet because they’re “bothering” you.  (But this is typically due to the fact that most coffee shops don’t have dark green carpeting.)

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3 Responses to You Can’t Vacuum Fuzzies at a Coffee Shop

  1. Aunt mae says:

    Molly, I think you know how to appreciate the small things in life! Lov 2 u

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