One Story About My Red Coat and One Not

On the fifth step of a metal ladder rested the end of a long wooden pole. Approximately seven feet away another fifth step of a different ladder supported the opposite end of the aforementioned pole.  From this pole hung hangers which dangled coats, sweaters, and slacks above the steamy sidewalk.  Twas a makeshift clothing rack, (typical of summer garage sales) to encourage customer browsing.  Every little bit helps, because in the heat of a ninety-five degree day nobody’s on the lookout for winter garb.  I wasn’t.Untitled

I was sweating, dashing from house to house, and smelling used Tupperware like a madwoman; wearing a tank top and shorts that were barely street legal; on the hunt for things that I didn’t know I needed, because… I can’t even count all of the stuff that I’ve bought for a bargain and used later on.  I have the ability to think ahead and see the value of getting things, doing things, because somehow I know that they’ll be useful, or beneficial, in the future.  I saw this red coat dangling from a hanger, which hung on that pole, which was resting on the fifth steps of those two ladders.  I loved it and traded four dollar bills to call it my own.  It’s stylish and comfortable, just not on summer days.

Just like it’s hard for me to pass up a red coat, it’s hard for me to say, “No” to doing things, often that I can learn from.  They may not be “useful” at the particular time, (like my red coat when buying) but it is these experiences that are actually opportunities helping me to become the dietitian that I aspire to be.  I have a deep passion for involvement and an eagerness to learn.  I’ve learned weekly from my time spent at the hospital and at a homeless shelter; from being a caretaker to a stroke victim and designing an eating checklist for her.  I’ve especially learned from my ten weeks at the Community Cancer Center.  I’ve taken from being a peer nutrition counselor at Nutrition Mission and even the face behind LifesLemons.  I am grateful for everything and everyone who has given me the opportunity to learn.  From them I have gained something else invaluable, confidence.  The confidence to handle any situation a Dietetic Internship throws at me.   

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