The Right Column Archive

Afro_CatLook.  Do you notice anything different?  No, that’s not a head-shot of me.  Look above.  I added a page.  It’s called, “The Right Column Archive.”  It’s comprised of images that have been to the right of my posts at some point in history.   There you’ll notice that I love photos with quotes and one line jokes, words to live by and believe in.  I’m also a sucker for cat pictures.  Check it out if you’re so inclined.

Exciting things are happening in the near future and I’m planning a theme week for Lemons.  Have a great week.

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One Response to The Right Column Archive

  1. Al Bragg says:

    picking up mom 4 senior night …DMac hope Mason wins…had some bad calls at Limestone wrestled well….hope he’ll go Sunday he’d have fun….hope 2 talk this weekend…keep your eye on the prize….I Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!! DDO


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