To March…

Should I justify to you why I splurged on the overpriced pickled peppers and a few good olives from the grocer’s antipasti bar?  Rest assured that these delicacies were put to good use and not relished alone.  For they accompanied at least 17 shakes of hot sauce, every tall vegetable burrowed in the depths of my refrigerator that I could find, a splash of vodka, and a “dash” of black pepper poured through the shaker’s spoon hole.  Does busting out an old pickle jar for shaking up a pick4016Bloody Mary on a weeknight really require a reason?  Not necessarily- but I have two of them just in case.  1.) March is National Nutrition Month and 2.) We senior dietetics students, who have recently applied to internships via the centralized application system, have an entire month to anticipate our futures.  Either it will change in ways that we wish that it will… or in ways that we’d prefer it not to.

Before you go, we might as well raise our pickle jar glasses to make a toast.  Cheers to the calm before the storm.  During March, we shall lead a life of ignorant bliss.  Let us “act as if it were impossible to fail,” be prepared to pick ourselves up if we do, and know that worrying will not change the outcome.  Let us seize opportunities and flourish daily from the choices that we make.  Let us pretend like we would do nothing differently.  Because…we wouldn’t.

To March…

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4 Responses to To March…

  1. Aunt mae says:

    Prayers for the best outcome! Love ya

  2. Caroline says:

    Well said, Molly!!!

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