Tours Anyone?

Wouldn’t it be a crime to be ISU’s Food, Nutrition & Dietetics Club Public Relations Rep. and not use LifesLemons as a platform to promote a public service that me and the peeps are up to nowadays?  Wouldn’t it be a crying shame if I didn’t reach out to my millions of worldwide readers?  When I say “peeps” I actually mean fellow club members, and the term, “millions” ranges somewhere between 17 and 23 on any given day, but that’s another story.  We’re doing this really cool thing- pairing up and shuttling small groups of people around Meijer’s grocery aisles- knocking on melons, smelling peaches and stuff.  It sounds exhilarating  I know, stay tuned.supermarket blur

Our student guides will begin the journey in the produce section, scoot over to the breads, meander through the meats, and so forth, all while doing their very best to answer your pressing questions about soy lecithin and what it’s doing in your granola bar.  

nuvalThe innovative Nutritional Scoring System (NuValthat is slowly being adopted by grocery stores nationwide, will also be touched upon.  So if you’ve seen these numbers in stores like HyVee and Meijer but never known what they are, allow us to explain.  We’ve been trained by Meijer Dietitian Maribel Alchin.

Meijer has graciously agreed to host our happenings, provide coupons, handouts, and recipe cards.  Each tour is about 50 minutes long and promises to be a good time.  
When I say “good time” I mean that 
I’ll personally be having a blast offering my ever-expanding knowledge of nutrition while acting out a fantasy that I’m a real-life RD.  You, on the other hand, may be shocked since we’ll be revealing the devastatingly high sugar content of some cereals and break the news about yogurt that you may be missing out on.  It’s not greek, it contains..*gasp..fat.  Don’t worry, it’s easy to get duped by the food industry.  Dietitians (and we undergrads) are here to help.   

Oh, and each tour is tailored so that it is relevant for the group.  For example, when guiding a gaggle of girl scouts we’ll most likely be explaining that a person cannot survive on Thin Mints alone as well as what they should reach for after school.  If you or a group that you know may be interested in taking a tour of Meijer’s grocery section from ISU Food, Nutrition & Dietetics Club forward this post to them or e-mail me directly for details so that we can make it happen!  Don’t be shy, especially if you are hesitant or happen to be an incognito internship applicant evaluator with a hidden agenda coming specifically to evaluate our people skills/potentials as dietetic interns.  Have a nice day.

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