Go Bake a Salad

“Huh?!  Another salad post, how can she possibly go on and on about salads?  She’s a psychotic veggie loving freak I tell you!  I visit LifesLemons to escape boredom, not promote it.  I come to see pictures of cats and stuff.  I come to read about edgeless silicone spatulas and to check the length of her shiny hair.  Really Molly… go start a blog about salads already if you love them so much.” – Your Mind’s Voice, laced with disgust, after judging the title.

kjjGraduation party- soft buttery mints cast from tiny diploma molds, cookies, and making small talk with strangers. Baby/wedding shower- cupcakes with pastel frosting, chicken salad croissants, and politely sitting with your legs crossed. Thanksgiving- pies, tiny cheese-spreader knives, giving thanks (mostly to the aluminum foil Gods for easy clean up.) Birthday party- pinatas duh…and cake.  A common denominator is associated with these and many other celebratory events; baked goods.  To celebrate we tend to bake.  Would you tend to agree?  So what baked good would be associated piviggiwith National Nutrition Month?

 Baked salad of course.

It hits the spot perfectly during crummy March weather because if you’re a fair weather friend to cold salads like me, you prefer softer, warmer foods during the chilly months of winter.  Baking/roasting vegetables in the oven is an easy way to enjoy a hot salad with cold weather texture/temperature preferences.  Celebrate National Nutrition Month. Go bake a salad.

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