Getting Matched to a Future & What I Will Bring

Your-journey-34My program coordinator and I had a candid discussion about the unique passions, priorities, and obligations that I’ve had as an undergrad, as well as how they’re able to influence the probability that I’ll get matched to a Dietetic Internship this year.  He explained that it can be tricky to express a person’s potential during a sometimes superficial application process and remarked how he noticed on the class trip to Italy that my strengths and personality differ greatly from my peers.  The value of these strengths are at the discretion of each internship and overlooking areas with a need for improvement must follow established guidelines.  Knowing my facets of unequivocal proportion, saying that I would be a tricky applicant to evaluate was an understatement.  At the time, hearing his observation was a jagged pill to swallow.  It felt like my wherewithal was flawed, but now, I couldn’t agree more.  I’m spunky. 

It’s probable that I won’t get matched to a Dietetic Internship this year.  Keep reading Dad, it gets better.

It is also probable that no matter what, I will get matched to a future that leads me wherever I’m destined to go.  Pretty deep huh?  I’m prepared to pack up for Boston,  Little Rock, and nowhere at all.  (In no particular order.)  With me I will bring the passion and influence that no one else can bring.  I will bring enthusiasm and initiative.  I will bring ambition that’s almost naive.  Internship, temporary job, start of a career (again, in no particular order) here I come. 

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2 Responses to Getting Matched to a Future & What I Will Bring

  1. A Bragg says:

    I would say spunky might be an understatement! It got a little better. I got my fingers crossed.
    Your biggest fan……..ddo

  2. Aunt mae says:

    Molly with your personality you will find your way in Gods time!

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