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What’s the Deal?

When I joined the Methodist Wellness Center the winter after graduating high school I selected a membership that only allowed for usage of their lap pool.  Buying a blanket membership that granted passage to the machines and equipment would have been a waste.  I … Continue reading

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The Soap Box Chronicles Present: Carrot Peelers

The aroma of coffee filled my nostrils as a squirt of grapefruit speckled my cheek.  Dad was sitting beside me at the kitchen table, using his special, bent, burnt orange handled, grapefruit knife to cut sections of fruit free from … Continue reading

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Self-Proclaimed “To-Do List Schedule Maker”

I like making lists.  Visual persons, such as myself, just love to write everything down that they’d like to accomplish for the day, or buy at the grocery store, or better understand from their medical nutrition therapy books.  Then, we stare at the list … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Life’s Lemons

Happy Birthday LifesLemons…I baked you a cake! Okay, let’s be real.  Obviously it’s not pineapple-upside down, (although I know that’s your favorite) it’s chocolate and vanilla and eleven layers tall! Wanna be real again?   I didn’t exactly “bake” your cake either.  Hence … Continue reading

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