Happy Birthday Life’s Lemons

Happy Birthday LifesLemons…I baked you a cake!


Okay, let’s be real.  Obviously it’s not pineapple-upside down, (although I know that’s your favorite) it’s chocolate and vanilla and eleven layers tall!

Wanna be real again?   I didn’t exactly “bake” your cake either.  Hence its resemblance to a tall stack of waffles.  Each layer was forged two by two in my little waffle iron by strategically plugging and unplugging so that the fluffy batter wouldn’t scorch.  That, my two-year-old friend, was tedious.  So was cutting up page 2 of an old multiple choice biochemistry test to make a doily.  You know that I like you when I pause to snip a doily, because then I’ve got to sweep up the snippings.  Still being real?  The cake was a boxed mix.  Who do you think I am?  Michelle Lomelino?

Let’s a start a birthday tradition Lemons.  We’ll list our favorite posts of the year.  Which is easy for me because when I scroll through, they jump out with effortless recollection.  Remember these?

A Person’s Worth a Thousand Words

You Can’t Vacuum Fuzzies at a Coffee Shop

Our Little Paradigm

To My Baby Brother On His Eighteenth Birthday

Lemons Don’t Fall Far From the Tree

When Life Hands Me Tomatoes

What posts do you favor?  The short ones probably, because the long ones are daunting.  I get that.  Because I read blogs too.  I also gravitate towards the heartfelt posts about people.  What about you?

Happy 2nd Birthday LifesLemons!  Lucky you. Lucky me!  Your cake’s going to be delicious!

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3 Responses to Happy Birthday Life’s Lemons

  1. Aunt mae says:

    Keep it up girl.

    • ddo says:

      u gotta get out more! is that what u think about when you run or bike for hours at a time? I’m thinkin when u fell from the tree u landed on your head and thus u r a LEMONHEAD!
      10 Roger O&O Love ya my little Lemonhead! ddo

      • ddo says:

        Eating a Lady Alice apple very flavorful and crisp for this time of year! Probably a hybred off Pink Lady dif shape same color…..bedtime now…..we apple con na su waz need gobs of beauty sleep…sep when you’re past the point of no return…..c u

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