What’s the Deal?

When I joined the Methodist Wellness Center the winter after graduating high school I selected a membership that only allowed for usage of their lap pool.  Buying a blanket capmembership that granted passage to the machines and equipment would have been a waste.  I just wanted to swim.  For one, I prefer the treadmills with slatted rubber belts and two, I imagine that I would have felt guilty or something for exercising in front of a combination of those rehabbing from surgery, the elderly, and cardiac/ bariatric patients. It’s no secret that the Wellness Center is designed for a more advanced crowd.  Many members curl 10 pounds on a good day and usually spend time circling the circuit in the comfort of their elastic waist jeans and black loafers.  I stuck to the pool though.  A place where I could concentrate on my swim stroke and not ponder the “Chafe Factor” of a pair of Depends while I watch some feisty old geezer do some possible major damage on a recumbent bicycle.  

Kidding aside, I truly loved Methodist and all of the people there.  A sense of belonging develops at those quieter, more laid-back gyms.  I did a lot of laps and became a seasoned swimmer in their pool.  Never one to swim circles in our neighborhood facility, I swam so much during my first winter that I went all out and bought myself an official silicone swim cap to do good by my poor hair.  I wore it all of eight laps, then tossed  it into the trash because I was so frustrated that it kept slipping off.  No matter how I adjusted my hair, goggles, or the cap itself it kept sliding off my stinking head!  Why am I telling you this?  I’m so glad that you asked.   

Having recently bought another swim cap and demoting it almost instantly to a reusable pita pocket storage bag, I must ask, “What’s the deal?”  I mean really, truly, what’s the deal?  I stretch it down after every lap but other swimmers seem to have no problem.  I feel like a newbie runner or something constantly stopping to tie my shoe mid-mile.   Am I doing something wrong?  I’ve been swimming without a cap for ages by now but would like to again try using protection… for my hair’s sake.  Any swimmers out there?  Why does my cap keep slipping off and how can I get it to say on?  And don’t say to get a chin strap like the girl in the vintage ad to the upper-left.  Although stylish, a band would impede my breathing.  This is an extremely frustrating situation to me, but if I get fresh advise I may remove the cucumber, heirloom tomato pita from my said former head gear in order to give its real functionality a final go.  Thank you in advance.    

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3 Responses to What’s the Deal?

  1. ddo says:

    Maybe you’ve just got a big head!

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