The Lemons Writing Process in 10 Easy Steps

62986_336094826508689_1645581499_nStep One:  Brew and drink some fresh coffee.

Step 2: Play the Pandora radio station that alternates between 90’s country & edgy techno. 

Three: Word and reword the same sentence 5 times.

Step 3 ½: Tap your toes.

3 ¾: Stare at a wall and think real hard.

Steps Four & Five:  Go off on tangents then delete most of them.

6: Shuffle to the pantry for a palmful of chocolate chips.

Seven-9: Whisper sentences to yourself.  Laugh out loud. Admit that you’re crazy.

10: Go warm up your coffee and grab more chocolate chips while you’re at it.

(Repeat steps 3-10)

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