A Year Ago Today

A year ago last Thursday was a Wednesday.  On that day I sat between two German businessmen as I flew over the Atlantic Ocean.  I know they were business men because I asked them; they were flying back from Iowa.  I watched “Awesome Celebrity Weddings” on my personal television seated in First Class.  I would later discover what jet lag and four complementary glasses of champagne do to a person aalwhen they trade their usual sleeping pattern for an inverse one overseas.  I would also come to find out (especially on the flight home) that not everyone’s ticket gets upgraded for free. 

A year ago last Friday was a Thursday.  On that day I took my first bite of authentic Italian gelato (pistachio flavored) and had to wear my purple cami to bed because I forgot to pack a nightgown.  

A year ago last Saturday was a Friday.  It was supposed to rain so I dressed warm and ordered an espresso from a baristaman who brushed my money aside flirtatiously and said, “You pay tomorrow” in his thick Italian accent.  I sampled wine on a tour of an underground wine cellar and used my napkin to spit out anchovies on toast.    


A year ago last Sunday was a Saturday.  I toured a dairy farm, ate a seven course lunch and skipped dinner to go for a run.  Later that evening I cheered on foreign half-marathon runners just two blocks from our hotel in Cuneo.

A year ago last Monday was a Sunday.  After riding a bus for 4 hours I laid eyes on 55 thousand Parma hams being smell tested individually by the factory owner and his two workers.  That night it poured down rain and after taking a hot shower I hand-washed my limited supply of cold weather clothes in anticipation of more rainy tomorrows.  

A year ago last Tuesday was a Monday.  On that day I saw a breathtaking bride and groom posing for wedding pictures along the Arno River in Florence.  I received an e-mail that said, “HIMOLLYGLADYOUAREHAVINGAGOODTIMELOVEGRANDMA.”  (She didn’t know how to use the space bar.)  That night my roommates Monica, Teju and I laughed ourselves to sleep.    

A year ago yesterday was a Tuesday.  This day drizzled rain too.  At a flea market I tried on clothes behind the curtains of peddlers’ filthy panel vans and even got a thumbs up from a bicyclist.  I also climbed tilted stairs to the top of Pisa’s leaning tower and started my love affair with hazelnuts.   

lklklA year ago today, in the middle of the night, an earthquake tremor rattled our several-story hotel in Bologna.  A 70-year old woman taught me how to fold tortellini and how to make homemade pasta without even using a bowl.   

For some reason today (and this year) I feel like embracing the rain.  I feel like drinking wine and saying “grazie” instead of “thank you.”  I feel like having…making buttery rich pasta without even using a bowl.   I just may.  Tomorrow we’ll reconvene our adventure and I’ll share with you what happened a year ago to date.           

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4 Responses to A Year Ago Today

  1. Mama says:

    For some unknown reason I got choked up reading this. Hhhmmmm….

  2. Monica says:

    Aw 🙂 I remember all the same memories. Think about you all the time Molly! xoxo

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