A Week Ago Today

You may recall that a week ago today was also a Friday.  On that day I intended to “reconvene” my story but I didn’t.  Instead I stood you up, built suspense and by holding delicesout for exactly one week, created irony.  Will you forgive me?

One year plus one week ago today was a Thursday.  On this day I was denied entry to a cathedral because I was scantily dressed (my knees were showing.)  Two African men approached me, tied bracelets made of multicolored thread to my right wrist, and wished me, “Good Luck from Africa.”  That night, at the “American Embassy,” someone offered me a bite of their hazelnut McFlurry and I took it, much obliged. 

The following day I boarded our flight to Dusseldorf, Germany wearing the brown striped scarf that I bought on my first day in Italy.  I made myself tea at the airport and finished my journal during the long flight home.  

Today I drank a cup of coffee from a mug, not free espresso and not tea from a cardboard cup from an airport, but when I look down at my “Good Luck from Africa” bracelets I can sort of feel like I’m still there. 

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  1. DDO says:

    Study please!

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