Guess What I’m Doing Right Now (Golly Gee)

When she answered my phone call I went right into it, “Hey Grams… You’ll never guess what I’m doing right now.”   To which she replied, “Gee Moll, I don’t know, what?” Before we go any further, I should mention that it’s best if you imagine my grandma’s voice having inflections that mirror a mothers’ on any American 1950’s television sitcom:  i.e. “Gee Moll, I don’t know, what?”199073245998425275_Bc0rskHU_c

“Guess,” I returned playfully as if she didn’t already know that, like always, I would build suspense in this way.  “Just guess, Grams!” And she played along, offering a generous list of possible presumptions.

Finally I gushed, “I’m ironing!” and she, “Why that’s wonderful!” again in a genial and sincere June Cleaver.  Grams has been wanting me to get (and use) a clothing iron for decades now.  So naturally, after I bought one and when I began using it she was the first person I thought to tell.  And you my friends…are second.

On another note, I’m beginning to actually feel like a 1950’s house wife; scooting my shiny iron around the surrounding red, white and bluery.  Pretending that my “This American Life” podcast is a radio show doesn’t help.  Sporting pin curls definitely doesn’t help.   Yet here I stand, iron in hand, dismissing wrinkles to my little heart’s content with the promise of a curly-headed tomorrow.   

Happy Patriot’s Day.


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2 Responses to Guess What I’m Doing Right Now (Golly Gee)

  1. Aunt Mae says:

    Good for you. I don’t like the wrinkle look. I can’t convince my daughter that if you throw the clothes in the drier a few minutes, take them out, shake each piece put on a hanger and button top button and pull the seams, later after finish dring you only need to press the sleeves and maybe the front alittle.

  2. DDO says:

    It makes me happy to know that you find can contentment in the little things. I hope you’ll always be able to do that. It is a blessing!

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