On Account of the Rain

I had the best of intentions to go swimming this morning.  Well, they weren’t my of best intentions or else I would’ve gone.  I was only halfway planning to roll out of bed, hop in my car, swim, and be to work by 8- but it’s hard to tell where your time will best be spent in the early morning- in a pool or in a bed?  You can only guess the final decision and hope for the best.  Guessing is the hardest when you’re half asleep and your bed is warm, I suppose.  wpid-img_20140220_065206

So get up and start the coffee, because making an intelligent decision about how the morning should be spent will be easier with hot caffeine in your belly.   

Then, you hear the rain. You hear the train whistle too and together, they sound so dreamy.  And that new fuzzy blanket draped casually over the couch from the night before is just so inviting.  Would it be so bad to scratch both plans, the pool and the bed, and write a blog post?  The coffee’s almost finished and you have graham crackers in the pantry.  Honestly, when was the last time you dunked graham crackers in coffee while blogging and listening to the rain, and a train, before work, on an early February morning?

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One Response to On Account of the Rain

  1. Lulu Hoffman says:

    Been missing your blogs. Love

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