Where I Get My Writing

I woke up to a text from my Mom last Saturday morning.

“[…] [a friend] and I read your LifesLemons posts all night. She wanted me to tell you,      she had goosebumps several times and thinks you’re an excellent writer. :)”

How sweet and admittedly, ironic. Did you tell her where I get it?  Or tell her at least about those times, Mom, when I wasn’t remotely good, let alone, “excellent” at writing?
In middle and high school, I was downright bad at putting my thoughts to words and being assigned a 3-page paper was like being incarcerated- for the both1976_1061835076005_9664_n of us.  I would write as much as I could (which was usually about a paragraph and a half) before graveling at your feet, Mom, begging for help at approximately 8:45 the night before it was due.

Then, we’d spend the next four hours double-teaming (and tag-teaming) my paper, collaborating back and forth, thinking of things to say and exactly how to say them.   It was agony, Mom, on that kitchen chair beside you and I’d complain that I could never be the writer that you are.  Still you ignored, patiently (and sometimes not so patiently) showing me how to weave my choppy ideas into beautiful complete sentences.

Everything that I know about the flow and complexity of writing came from working beside you, Mom, during those priceless late night collaboration sessions.  Now, the act is no longer a chore- but a solace and a hobby.  I am truly lucky that you took the time to share your gift with me.  You are where and the reason why, when it comes to writing, “I get it.”

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3 Responses to Where I Get My Writing

  1. Mama says:

    Thanks for making me cry at work!!! You are very talented Molly! Far beyond anything I could ever be… in so many ways, not just writing. I love to share and read your work. You inspire me to also start writing again. Maybe someday… Thanks. Love you so very much! 🙂

  2. Joni says:

    Molly, this totally melts my heart. I too, love reading your blogs. This one particularly hit a tender spot, because, my daughter just turned 12. The words, “begging, agonizing and incarcerated” hit home. I pray that one day my daughter will be as loving, kind and thoughtful as you have just been. Thank you again for sharing. What a wonderful gift your mother gave you and you just gave her. ❤

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