Happy 4th, LifesLemons!

Happy fourth, LifesLemons…I baked you a cake.  speck_pixelskin_hd_wrap_ipad_2_case_1

On this birthday though, we’re baking and blogging from a new place and not everything’s arrived and organized yet from the old. Luckily for us, I came across a glass jar with some brown powder inside.  It was probably cake mix but it could have been dutched cocoa or chocolate pudding.  I added an egg anyway and rustled up an over-sized ramekin to bake it in.  The “batter” proceeded to take about three times longer in the oven to turn into a “cake” than usual but it tasted pretty good.  According to me, anyway.  I’ll eat anything that doesn’t eat me first.

Here are the year’s top posts, you know the drill.

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