Moving Everything Back to Move Forward

When we first moved in, the furniture was arranged in a certain way.  We shifted it periodically, but it always defaulted to where either the couch or loveseat was facing the only living room wall that the TV could be mounted.  Naturally.

2cb7a448-dcc4-4026-9365-4df90c38fdaf_zpstxipfr6tWhen you started moving out, all the furniture stayed.  So at first, just the closet seemed a little different. A couple of trips later and specifically after your TV was gone, the emptiness really started to set in.   Call me crazy, but there’s just something about staring at a wall with TV bracket holes and scratches that has a way of making a person feel all lonely inside.  It makes a person want some familiar background noise- even if that means listening to ESPN sportscasters.  So I covered up the wall. 

When the vacancy still glared, I rearranged furniture as much as I possibly could.  Somehow, our couch ended up in my bedroom and the whole place turned into one big bachelorette pad.  There was no more staring at empty walls or wishing that a sports channel was within earshot.  It was a drastic change that I loved and needed at the time.

Tonight, as I prepare to move out of our first place, I arranged the furniture in the way that it was when we first moved in together. Doing this, is giving me closure and sweet sentiments to the special time that we shared here.  It’s like an end cap.  It’s comforting and stupidly soothing to my heart- having our furniture arranged in the old way.  Sometimes a person needs to move back to move forward.

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1 Response to Moving Everything Back to Move Forward

  1. daddy o says:

    Funny how that works! Nice post.

    Luv ya …………………ddo

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