Lazy Brownies from Scratch

Brownies are like, the simplest of all baked goods to make at home.  Especially the boxed mix kind- just stir in an egg, add some water and oil, and you’ve got yourself something sweet in 30 minutes flat. There’s nothing to frost, no batches to cool and very little prep. work involved.  Easy peasy.

Ipjlkj_2240I realized that I didn’t have brownie mix on hand the second that I decided to make some.  The good news is, I live 3 minutes from a grocery store.  The bad news is, I really didn’t feel like going.

Because seriously, I know how these “quick trips” to the supermarket tend to go…for me anyway.  It would have taken 3 minutes to drive to the store, one minute to park, walk in, 30 minutes to roam around, 8 minutes to check out and go home.  After unloading a car full of impulse buys, I would begin baking brownies.

Tonight, I didn’t have the time or energy for any of that. So I improvised.  After reasearching about a thousand online brownie recipes, after checking inventory for all of the necessary ingredients, digging them out, after washing up my measuring cup, locating my measuring spoon, I took the lazy way out and just made brownies from scratch.

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