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Hello friends.  Not much has changed.  I’m still here writing,  working, and swimming as much as I possibly can.  I’m leading at LOOP on Mondays now.

Lately though my blog brain is emptied every Thursday via ICC’s Employee News blog to advertise for the college’s surplus. Check it out if you need a laugh…or a used office chair, or an overhead projector…


January 2013 Edition

Updating this page is long overdue.  I’m aware.

I’ll take the time for a proper update at a later date.  All that matters to you is that I’m still blogging…

…because I enjoy your company and maybe you like mine.


October 2011 Edition

Well I guess it’s time to update the About page.  Frankly, I’m a little surprised that
149586_450192651403_2808307_nLifeslemons has lasted for so long.  Initially, I wasn’t sure how devoted I would (or could) become to this fun little project of mine.  Turns out, I love being expressive with words and sharing my life with you.  Plus, blogging is a tiny bit addicting especially when you’re on a roll.  Since I started Lifeslemons on April 9th, my life has changed drastically.  Weston and I have moved into an apartment and are studying [our majors] at a four-year college.  I still swim, I still teach LOOP classes, and I still work at the restaurant.  Only now, I can also be found volunteering at the hospital near school or getting my butt kicked in organic chemistry.  As stated before, readership or lack-there-of shall not hinder this site’s activity.  I’ll attempt to write for my own enjoyment and for any others that are bored enough to glance into my life.

Thanks again for stopping by.


Hey, it’s Molly.  This is such an important page (that I’ve been putting off) and yet, I’m at a loss for words…

6 arduous hours later…
295918_10150263590951404_364376416403_7682864_7493842_n1I launched this blog April 9th 2011 in attempt connect with others who have similar humor, obsessions, interests and insecurities.  I’ve been reading healthy lifestyle/fitness/nutrition blogs, since high school and have decided to quit watching from the sidelines and start my own.  Although I do not know any of my favorite bloggers personally, I visit their sites regularly to see what they’re up to.  These are strangers who I feel I know, look up to, and can relate.  Blogging is reality TV at its finest, and I see the value in creatively sharing my life with others for their amusement and my own.  Aside from diet analysis papers and lab reports, after gen. eds. we nutrition majors have little opportunity to write and virtually no opportunity to write artistically.  I hope creating this blog becomes a calming and creative outlet for me. Competitive by nature, I must constantly remind myself that readership or lack-there-of shall not hinder this site’s activity.  I’ll attempt to write for my own enjoyment and for any others that are bored enough to glance into my life.


When I’m not here thinking of ways to word my world, you’ll likely find me swimming laps, teaching spin classes, or getting lost on new roads (on my bike) hours from home.  I’m a 21-year-old full-time student working part-time in my community college’s accounting department.  My boyfriend of four years (Weston) and I have recently been accepted into our respective programs of study at the same college one hour away.  As a result, we soon will be calling a new town our “home” to continue our education in the fall.

Disclaimer:  1.) Although I proofread everything, I can guarantee this site will have mistakes and/or English errors and/or run-on sentences.  2.) I may put you to sleep.  3.) I may put myself to sleep.  Therefore, information found on this site may not all be factual, but based on personal experience and/or articles that I have read.  In fact, I might lie if run out of things to tell you.

Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by.

8 Responses to About

  1. Mom says:

    Be warned… loved the blogs. Are you really my daughter?

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  4. Hi Molly, I found it!
    Your blog looks great, I’ll definitely be coming back to read some more 🙂
    Thanks for finding me, I hope you come back too!

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  8. Hi Molly! Can you believe that I just KNEW you were a blogger?!!! Well, I didn’t KNOW, know, but I thought you should be if you weren’t… so I am not at all surprised to find out that you are… Funny that I got ALL that out of the few sentences you write about ICC surplus!? ANYhoo, I LOVE your blog! I will definitely be reading it!!! Thank you for sharing! ~Joni

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